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How to Add a Button to an Existing Touch Screen Layout

Use the following process to add a button to an existing touch screen layout:

1.Go to POS>Till>Touch Screen Layout:
2.Make sure that LargeTouch is selected for Layout for Window, click on the browse button
image for the field labelled: Layout Id:
3.Select the appropriate Touch Layout:
imageExpand the menu on the left to display any additional layers that may already exist on the touch layout (see area circled in red). Click on the layer that you would like to add your button to if it is not the Top Layer.
Once you have navigated to the desired layer, click on a blank button (see area circled in blue), i.e. the desired location of your button.

4.In the window that pops up:
Use the menu on the left to select the type of button that you would like to add, if you would like to add a product, simply select product from the menu.

Search for the product using the button, you can also customise your button by using the Font button, and the Colours menu.

5.When you are satisfied with your button’s appearance, click OK:
6.Close this window, and the button should now appear on your touch screen, provided you are currently using the touch layout you have added the button to. If it does not appear, you may have to close and then restart POS.

If you would like to clear an existing button, navigate to it in the Touch Screen Layout setup:
Click on the Clear button to delete the button.

If you would like to add another Touch layer, when adding a button choose the following option:
Button type: Link, and in the text field, type in the name of your new layer. For details on the other button types available, please consult the POS user guide, which you can download here:

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