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Postcode Survey

1.Firstly go to POS>Till>Setup, in the Till Setup screen turn on Postcode Survey:
2.Open up POS and sell an item:
imageAfter you sell an item it will ask you to enter a Postcode.

Instead of entering postcodes you could enter numbers 1-3 or however many you need.

Then you can assign these numbers to the different areas you want to report to.


1. Local

2. National

3. International

Just have a sign for your receptionists to remember which number means what.

3.You can check the sales assigned to each number by going into the postcode survey report, the path is Reporting>Point of Sale>Reports>Postcode Survey:
4.Select all the general Sales code(s) you wish to perform this for and hit Preview:
Note: Although this particular example shows one of the amounts from unknown categories, it will report by category so you will have to use some arithmetic to put the totals together.

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