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Sending term letters

This process covers exporting the information from the reporting module required to send Term Letters, this information is then used in a Mail merge through Microsoft Word. If you don't have a template please contact LMS Support.

Creating the Data Source

First we need to create a CSV file that is used as the data source for the mail merge.

1.Open the reporting module

2.Select Classes > Statistic > Export Family Details > Export Family Details By Family


3.Select the location you wish to export for the mail merge
4.Select Active Booking for the first week of Term:


5.Select the booking type as Term Only
6.Select the Class Types making sure to exclude holiday programs

7. Enter a path where you would like to save the export (You can browse for a location by pressing the button in the red box below)


Completing the mail merge

Things to note:
-Outlook should be open when completing the mail merge
-When the mail merge is completed it will place all invoices in the outbox
-It is best practice to set outlook to Work Offline mode while completing the mail merge so no emails are accidentally sent, if there is an issue with the process you can then remove the messages from the outbox and start again
-The messages will be sent using the default email address in outlook

1. Open your Word Template
2.Once in Microsoft Word select Mailings from the top menu bar


3.Press Select Recipients and select Use Existing list


3.Select the Data Source created in Links
4.Press Finish & Merge and select Send E-mail Messages
5.Select RPEmail from the list of options for the To: field
6.Enter a Subject line

7. Press OK

Your messages will now appear in the Outbox in outlook, once you're ready for these to be sent turn off Work Offline and the messages will be sent.

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