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Cancelling a Student Booking

1.Go to Class>Classes>Cancel Student Bookings, and enter the student number or the surname of the student you want to cancel the bookings for to open the student search screen;

2.For Standard Class:

A list of the students bookings will be displayed, tick the box corresponding to the booking line you wish to cancel

-Enter the Last Date the student will attend

-Enter the Reason to Cancel

If it is a Term/Upfront booking Links will do the calculation automatically and return the money of the cancelled classes to this student’s family credit account:
If it’s a Perpetual class you would normally cancel this in advance before the fees for the related direct debit period have been charged (So you won't need to return any credit) OR if you are cancelling the booking retrospectively and fees for the period have already been charged then Links will display the total fees paid and you will need to manually enter the amount to return to family credit:
If you want to completely cancel the booking without attending any classes, tick the Will not attend any classes box (circled in green), and then put appropriate amount of money to Return to Family Credit, in this case, it’s $10 (circled in blue):
Then you will see the $10 is returned as family credit:
3.For Squad Class:
Squad is one type of perpetual class, you may do cancelling booking as for perpetual standard class as above.4.For Holiday Program:

Holiday Program is one type of term class, you may do cancelling booking as for term standard class as above.

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