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Term Rollover Process


Practice these steps in Training Mode first.

Before carrying out any of the steps in this document it is strongly advised you back up the LINKS database so that you have a recovery route should anything go wrong.


The main goals for doing a Term Rollover are:

  1. Closes off bookings for the existing Term - you will no longer be able to add new bookings to the Term that is finishing and it puts focus onto the upcoming term.
  2. Allows you to be able to do a Create Next Term Bookings which will copy the existing Term bookings into the new Term (does not copy Perpetual bookings as these do not need to be copied).
The Term rollover process require two steps:

  1. Create Next Term Bookings: this will take all students with Current Term bookings and book them in to the Next Term (covering the entire term).
  2. Move Terms Up: At the end of the Current Term, you must go into each Class and Move Terms Up (i.e. move the Next Term to the Current Term).

Before going through the rollover you should take note of the following:

  1. All Class Types need to have a Current Term and Next Term assigned
    • If you need to create a Term, refer to Appendix 1: Create new Terms.
    • If a Class has no Next Term, refer to Appendix 2: Apply Next Terms to Classes.
  2. Prices must be assigned to all Terms (when assigning Terms to classes)
    • To assign a price to a Term, refer to Appendix 3: Specify Term prices for Classes.
    • To apply new prices in bulk to a Term, refer to Appendix 4: Bulk Class Price update.
  3. Move Terms Up is irreversible and should be done at the end of the current term. Once complete, you will no longer be able to make bookings for the current term dates. All new bookings will be for the Next Term dates.

Step 1: Create Next Term Bookings

This process will take all students with term bookings in the Current Term and book them into the Next Term (i.e. the new booking will cover the entire Next Term date range).

Note: This can only be performed on Class Types that have a Next Term. If the Class Type you are looking for is not on this list - check that it has a Next Term assigned to it (see Appendix 2: Apply Next Terms to Classes for further information).

  1. Go to Admin>Classes>Create Next Term Bookings.
  2. Select the Class Type you need to rollover by either:
    • Ticking the box next to the Class Type (outlined in red).
    • Tick Select All (outlined in blue).

3. Click on OK to run the rollover process. Upon completion you will see the below message:


Step 2: Move Term Up

This step should be done at the end of the current term. This process will move the terms and prices up one level and is irreversible. You will also be unable to make new bookings for the current term, LINKS will only allow for bookings to be created in the Next Term dates.

  1. Go to Admin>Classes>Class Types.
  2. Load up the relevant Class Type.
  3. Click the Term Info tab outlined in red below:


4. Click on Move Terms Up (outlined in blue above).
5. Click OK on both messages:


6. You will now see that Current Term has changed. Click on Update to save.


Appendix 1: Create new Terms

The Terms define the start and end dates for any bookings that are made under that particular Term. These are then assigned to Classes to define the Current Term start/end dates and the Next Term start/end dates.

  1. Go to Admin>Classes>Terms and create a new term similar to below (outlined in blue). In the area outlined in red, ensure Active Term is ticked. If the term you are creating is a holiday term then tick the Holiday Program box as well.image
  2. Click on the Add New Term button outlined in green.

    Appendix 2: Apply Next Terms to Classes

    In these steps, we assign a Term to the Next Term field for a given Class Type. When creating a term booking (e.g. via Visual Scheduler) you will then have the option to book a student into the Current Term or the Next Term. 1. Go to Admin>Classes>Class Types. 2. Load the desired Class Type from the list. 3. Click the Term Info tab (outlined in red) and enter the Term in the Next Term box outlined in blue:

    Appendix 3: Specify Term prices for Classes

    This step is very important since, if these prices are not set then students will not be charged any fees for bookings. 1. Go to Admin>Classes>Classes. 2. Load the relevant Class whose Term prices you need to define. 3. Click on the Term Info tab (outlined in blue below). 4. Update the prices under This Term (outlined in red below) and Next Term (outlined in green below):


Appendix 4: Bulk Class Price Update

This step will show you how to update Class prices in Bulk. The way that the Price update works is, instead of entering a new price value, you will instead tell Links to increase the price by X amount or increase the price by X percent.

  1. Go to Admin>Classes>Bulk Class Price Update.
  2. Load the Class Type you wish to update.
  3. Choose the Price type you wish to update (outlined in red):
    • Term Prices – Select this option AND the Term that you wish to update in order to update Term booking prices.
    • Perpetual Prices – select this option to update the prices for Perpetual bookings.
  4. Select which price, Full price or Concession, that you will be updating (outlined in Blue).
  5. Tick the Change Cost box outlined in purple.
  6. Enter the amount to increase, either Percentage increase or increase by X amount (outlined in green).
  7. Hit the Apply button then click on Save.


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