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Early Return of Suspension

A contract can be reactivated from suspension in the event a member returns early from an absence. The procedure is:

1.Go to Members Module>Contracts>View Customer Contracts. Enter the relevant customer ID and select the Suspension on the right of screen:
2.Select the correct debit period to be affected (This will be the one containing the date of return) and click on the image displayed to right of the line:
3.Enter the details of the early return:
4.Enter a Date in the early return field and reason and select Apply;

5.Click Close button, the Suspension Limit and Financial Details screen will update accordingly;

6.The record will now be restored if the return date has passed or the record will remain suspended but with a new suspension end period in place;

7.The Early Return prompt will display and select Yes (to cancel the process, select No);

8.The early return field is available and Total Suspension Fee field (if applicable);

9.Enter the relevant details and click on Apply;

10.Links will ask you if you wish this return to apply to all lines below it. This will be appropriate in most situations so click Yes;

11.The suspension is now cancelled and the contract is active.

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