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Creating a Prospect

When a Prospect is created a Guest Pass can then be issued to the customer with a set expiry date and number of visits allocated. In addition to this the customer can also be placed on a retention pathway to ensure the appropriate follow up is taking place.

An example of this would be a follow-up phone call a number of days after a gym tour.

Reporting can also be carried out to see how many Prospects are converted into Members, Visit Pass Holders or Students.

To create a prospect please complete the following steps:

1. Go to POS>Customer>Prospects;

2. Press the New Prospect button;

3. Enter the Last Name, First Name, Title, Gender, Mobile phone & Email address, a photo may also be loaded by selecting the grey box to the right of this information;

4. Select a retention pathway by using the Prospect Program box (Highlighted in red below):

Note: If the customer is coming as part of a 'Bring a Buddy' type campaign you can also record the member referring the prospect using the Referred By box.

5. Complete the Contact Details tab if required;

6. If the Prospect has been added as part of a promotion, add this information using the Marketing tab:
7. Press Save.

Note: If required a guest pass can also be issued using the Guest Pass tab.

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