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Enabling Rejection Notifications

Integrated Payments Manager > Settings > Rejection Fees:

In order to send rejection notifications you will need to select which rejection reasons you would like them sent for or Select All in order to send them regardless of the rejection reason.

If using SMS and Email rejection notifications Links will attempt to send an SMS, if this is unsuccessful then Links will default to email. You will need to have SMS setup in Links and SMTP for your mail server configured.
The below instructions assume you have setup your rejection templates, please have these ready before proceeding.


Integrated Payments Manager > Settings > Notifications > Rejection Notifications:

You will need to enable SMS and Email rejections by checking the boxes corresponding to each option, you will also need to ensure the template has been selected


Once the changes have been made press Save. You will be returned to the main screen, if you click on settings again from the main screen you will be able to change locations using the Change Location button:


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