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Class Mobile Manager - Overview


ClassMobile manager is designed to aid the deck supervisor and eliminates the need to print Class Schedules, ensure your classes are managed accurately and efficiently by having live student data in the palm of your hands.

ClassMobile Manager is a web based application Optimised for tablets and handheld devices, as a standalone application ClassMobile manager can run on any internet enabled device.


  • Links Web-Service
  • Handheld device or computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Login

Using ClassMobile Manager

Once you are logged in, ClassMobile Manager will default to show the next upcoming class. You can change this by using the day and time filters. You can multi select times by pressing the button once. To deselect a time, simply press it once again.


Using the Legend filter you can also identify students of interest by matching the icon in the Status Column or by selecting one of the Legend buttons to receive a list of all interesting students.

The Actions button can be used to add Class Comments, attain Student Skills and Record Attendance.


Progress Reports

Progress reports can be sent through the Managers Portal outlining the skills attained during a specified period. Progress reports can be sent to the responsible person based on which day of the week their student’s class is, class time, class type, level and teacher.


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